A True Fan


It is good to give credit where credit is due!

You were first and still the best! Being a storyteller is the essence of the whole thing. Ghost stories are folklore and you understand that and handle the genre beautifully. Doing the history and the maps/travel guide was another ingenious idea since many ghost hunters are haunted house tourists who want to go check it out.

Many people who write these books aren’t even from the area and don’t even bother to come here and research in person. You know your state, and not just Northern/Central Indiana, but little ‘ol Southern Indiana, too.
John and I were infinitely impressed that you knew about Baldwin Cemetery and Tunnel Mill. Most people in Jennings county don’t even know Tunnel Mill’s ruins are there. John and I have been going there for hikes/photography for many years. You should see the spring flood waters rush through that tunnel. Did you know that there was a group of cabins for a worker community there? You can find evidence of cabin foundations up on the hill between the cemetery, river, and mill. Perhaps where bloody Mary was murdered? I have never read any historic accounts of that, though. Murders where a big deal in the early days, so it seems that there should be some news account. It makes a good campfire story, though!

I am sure that Wanda Lou Willis will not soon be forgotten!