Pets Growing Up

Yep, we had a lot of pets.


This is me with our goat Billy. My Uncle Perry Willis, Daddies older brother made the cart for us.

Billy the goat, Willie my black lamb, Pretty Boy pony and before him there was Tony.

Then there was Gertrude the squirrel. When mother and I sat on the front porch she’d lay flat at mother’s feet like a little rug.

When I sat in the backyard in a lawn chair with my legs crossed she’d come up and bat my leg and of course I’d let it swing a little, she’d back up and then bat it again. It was our game.

When she tired of that she’d climb on the back of the chair with her front end resting on my shoulder and the hind end on the back of the chair.

There were also chickens, turkeys, ducks, parakeets, canaries, hamsters, fish, and of course, cats and lots and lots of dog.

Hoosier Hugs,
Wanda (Folklore Historian) and Hope (My Foxy Foxhound)

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