News Flash #2

CentStatePicDan T. Hall’s Central State docu/drama, in which Wanda has a small part, premiered last Saturday night, October 21st (7:00pm) at the IMAX theater – Indianapolis; it was a HUGE success, the 400 seat IMAX was sold out!!  The IMAX was already thrilled last week with the way ticket sales were going so they decided to run the movie one more night — this Saturday, October 28th — just before Halloween.

It will also be shown on October 24th at 7:05 and 9:05pm at Georgetown Cinemas (on Lafayette Road); the  27th at the Greenbriar Cinema Grill (86th and Ditch); again at the IMAX theater at White River State Park on the 28th at 7:00pm; and finally on the 31st (Halloween night), TBA.

Ticket holders for all of the screenings can fill out an entry form to win a chance to investigate with Indiana Paranormal as weDanWanda walking2ll as an opportunity to win other great prizes including a 1-hour reading with Marilene Isaacs and a set of autographed books by Wanda Lou Willis!

To find out more about this exciting film, please visit the Indiana Paranormal Investigations website @

Here also is a link to the Central State website flash page, to see more of the story behind this docu/drama:

Warning: May be disturbing to some viewers

Producer/Director Dan T. Hall and Wanda Lou Willis at Central State; still photo from the film.

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