News Flash #11

Comments from Wanda’s Eerie Radio Interview Episode #50:

Congrats on Episode 50! Wanda was a great guest and can she weave a story! Also her good cheer lent a lot to her stories. The interview alone just showed how nice of a person she was and I would not object to having her on the show again.

Wanda was a great interview, and very easy to listen too. Great show!

I want to thank you for a bitter sweet show, the reason it was a bitter sweet show to me was because when I heard Wanda Lou Willis I wanted to cry, she sounds just like my mother’s mother who passed away a few…like 8 years ago. I just wish that my Gram could have heard the show…I hope that I am half as enthusiastic as Wanda when I get to be her age…if I make it that far. It was a real treat to hear her. THANK YOU. What a really wonderful thing that you all gave us listeners.

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