Irish Rhymes and Lore

Irish Rhymes and Lore

by Wanda Willis

Most of us know the stories of how St. Patrick chased the snakes from Ireland and taught the Trinity to the Irish by using the Shamrock and I’m sure we’re all aware that the Irish love a good tale.

I’m going to share with you a story that my father told me; his father had told him, and his father’s father had told him, and so it goes . . .
“Sure a little bit of Heaven
Fell from out the skies one day
And landed in the ocean
In a spot so far away,
And when the angels found it,
It looked so sweet and fair
They said, “Suppose we leave it,
For it looks so peaceful there.
Then they sprinkled it with stardust
Just to make the shamrocks grow,
It’s the only place you’ll find them,
No matter where you go.
And they showered it with
to make its lakes so grand,
And when they had finished,
Sure they called it IRELAND.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Leprechauns. Those wee folk with their pots of gold. They’re tailors and cobblers to the fairies. If you catch one and hold him tight he must grant you three wishes. And, if you’re lucky to find their pot of gold, be careful, for they are great tricksters.

Here’s a Leprechaun story to enjoy and share with your family.

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